Organizing Your Construction Crew

The term “Construction Crew™” refers to a group of associates working together through the CNHS™ Eight-Week Training and Preparation Program. Top brokers throughout the country have organized Construction Crew™ programs successfully with groups sized from two associates to almost one hundred. A major benefit is that a teamwork approach provides additional peer support and motivation while building stronger relationships between like-minded associates. The work involved in collecting market information, evaluating builders and developments and identifying market opportunities can be shared by a number of people. Larger marketing campaigns can be more easily funded and implemented by a group of associates cooperatively working together.

A broker, training director, trainer, office manager, new homes division director or the participating group of associates themselves can coordinate the Construction Crew™ program. Administering the program requires very little preparation or time commitment. Weekly meeting agendas are outlined in the Eight-Week Training and Preparation Program along with individual learning and research assignments. Everyone in the group, including the group leader, can participate in the program and training for the first time. Click the image below to download the Organizing a Construction Crew™ step-by-step outline, Which includes the agenda for the CNHS Eight Week Training and Preparation Program.


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