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The Certified New Home Specialist program has greatly impacted my success and business overall in achieving my sales goals. This past February I won The National Association of Home Builders Sales Person of the Year Award. Every bit of information from the training has helped. It’s so important to continually keep yourself educated -- education is key Overall! I have impressed many coworkers and customers with my knowledge - just understanding construction terminology has helped me dramatically. This is an excellent time for new home sales - the market is ideal!

Khadeejah Johnson
Mignatti Companies
Huntingdon Valley, PA

As a professional Realtor, you owe it to yourself and clients to have an understanding and knowledge regarding the "nuts and bolts" of home construction whether it is in new construction or the resale market. This course will provide you with essential information that you can use on a daily basis!

Tom Chelednik
RE/MAX Realty Associates
Camp Hill, PA

I absolutely loved this program! I work with a builder now and feel that I gained a lot of really practical and usable information. Not only did I enjoy the course which I found to be more challenging than I anticipated, but it was presented in a fabulously professional format. It was a great way to learn … I felt I was in class right in my own office. Needless to say, Dennis is a great teacher! The course was well worth the money spent!

Beth Colaizy
RE/MAX on the River
Osceola, WI

This was the best training I've ever had, & I went in thinking I already knew everything. I've shared so much of it with my 3 builders!

Kathy Moore
Coldwell Banker North
Newman Lake, WA

Yes! This course was particularly helpful, the terminology and information shared will be hugely beneficial. I have a much greater understanding of the building process because of this course and much more confidence. Thank you for a job well done.

Jeffrey Allen Dodson
RE/MAX Heritage
Sugar Land, TX


Real Estate's #1 New Home Sales  & Residential Construction Courses!

Certified New Home Specialist™ Training 

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Certified New Home Specialist New Home Sales Training Designation





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Here's What Top Real Estate Professionals Say About CNHS/RCC Training

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"I LISTED OVER $35 MILLION IN NEW HOME SALES IN LESS THAN FIVE MONTHS! ...And I owe it all to Dennis Walsh and this training. His new home sales systems and creative new home marketing ideas are wonderful. I almost didn’t take time for the training because I thought I was too busy ...that would have been the biggest mistake of my career! ...YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS DENNIS!"
 Vickie Keene
Louisville, KY
This program clearly separates the New Home Sales "Pro's" from the "Amateurs". Dennis does a great job of teaching everything you need to know for success in new homes. It's like an encyclopedia of information at my fingertips. Thanks for training that literally helped me change my life!
 K.C. Chermak
Wayzata, MN
About CNHS Training
Real Estate's Most Popular and Respected New Home Sales Training is guaranteed to enhance your professional sales success. Increase your knowledge, confidence and professionalism whether representing Builders, Developers or New Home Buyers. 

Residential Construction Certified, included in the CNHS training package, delivers the Industry's most comprehensive Residential Construction Training, designed specifically for real estate professionals. RCC allows you to work more professionally with buyers, sellers, appraisers, inspectors, lenders, designers, engineers and construction professionals in all areas of your business.

  • This course is presented in a convenient online self-study format enjoyed by thousands of students. Combining audio, video and hundreds of graphics & onsite construction photos, this program takes your training experience far beyond what can be done in the typical classroom setting. As you complete your registration, you set up your own user name and password, allowing you immediate access to your training.
  • After completing the course, your ongoing access to the training allows you to refer back as often as you wish to review the information, strategies, action plans and more to support your business activities over time. 
  • Your CNHS™ & RCC™ Certification Training worksheets, filled with your notes from the course, also become a valuable resource that many students describe as an encyclopedia of new home sales, marketing and construction information.
  • When finished with the training, you then complete the open-book, online tests  -- one for CNHS™ & one for RCC™. The correct test answers will be found in the notes you have taken in your CNHS™ & RCC™ worksheets. A score of 80% or better earns both certifications: Certified New Home Specialist™ & Residential Construction Certified™.
  • For each course, you also receive 8 units of elective credit toward the CRS designation for a total of 16 credits.
Note: RCC™ is the prerequisite course for Certified New Home Specialist™ Certification and is included when you order Certified New Home Specialist™. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE Residential Construction Certified (RCC) Training Course

The RCC and CNHS courses each earn 8 elective credits toward the CRS Designation for a total of 16!   

Why This Training is Important
1. The majority of active new home buyers prefer a brand new home.
Do you have the market knowledge, strategies and systems to provide the professional support they need?

2. More builders than ever before are interested in sales & marketing support or willing to pay you co-broke commissions.
Do you know how to sell your services & work successfully with them?

3. Today’s home buyers are more experienced and want answers about quality, design and more.
Do you have the knowledge & expertise it takes to meet their needs?

4. Real estate agents active in new home sales average five times the income of the rest of the industry.
Do you know where to find the best opportunities in new home sales?

 5. As a true professional, our customers expect us to help them evaluate the quality and value of real estate.
Do you really know the product you sell -- the details of residential construction?

What You'll Learn
  • The "Marketing-Driven Approach" - Why builders need us
  • Today’s buyers and the new "American Dream"
  • Understanding the builder’s perspective
  • Broker services most important to builders
  • The important elements of new home contracts
  • Construction financing options and considerations
  • The "Counselling Approach to Sales"
  • Residential construction from the ground up including materials, methods, terminology & the step-by-step building process
  • Architectural design, blueprint reading, understanding site design & topography
  • The Critical Path - Seven steps to new home sales success
  • Organizing market research and creative new home marketing strategies
  • The Six Areas of Buyer Decision-making -- applying the psychology of new home buyers
  • Sales center design and demonstration techniques
  • The new home design process & organizing buyers' design information
  • Strategies for effectively selling quality design & construction
  • The most effective new home sales strategies, systems and dialogues
  • The "language of closing", overcoming objections, & creating urgency
  • Sources of new home prospects and how to develop them
  • Quality customer service - using "systems not smiles"
  • Six steps to selling your services to builders
  • Recognizing your keys to success in new home sales
  • ... and MUCH MORE!
How You'll Benefit
1. You’ll become more aware of many excellent opportunities that can enhance your real estate sales success.

2. You’ll gain more confidence in working with builders, developers, designers, appraisers, suppliers, inspectors & new home buyers.

3. You'll be better positioned with the knowledge, strategies and organizational tools to sell your services as a Certified New Home Specialist™

4. You’ll have new information, techniques, strategies, and systems to be more efficient and effective in all areas of your real estate business.

5. You’ll be more organized in both sales and service activities, saving time and earning more money.

6. You’ll be able to identify the "right" builders and the best opportunities for yourself and your business.

7. You'll have the knowledge and confidence to recognize infill building opportunities, do the market research and work with investors to bring these projects to life. 

8. You'll position yourself as a true residential real estate 
professional, trained to meet the needs of prospective buyers, whether interested in new homes, older homes or both!

Your Instructor

Dennis Walsh, CEO and author of the Certified New Home Specialist Training ProgramDennis Walsh is recognized as one of real estate’s most dynamic and informative speakers and has presented to more than 150,000 real estate professionals. He and his wife Teresa are known throughout the real estate industry as the leading authorities in all areas of residential construction, remodeling and new home sales and marketing. Their Certified New Home Specialist™ (CNHS) and Residential Construction Certified™ (RCC) courses are respected as the very best of their kind and are endorsed by the nation’s leading real estate organizations.

Prior to his work as a consultant and trainer, he owned and operated various construction-related businesses, working professionally in custom home building, remodeling, manufactured housing, building material sales and architectural design. Known for his high energy and fun presentations, Dennis shares powerful ideas and strategies you can use to take your business to a higher level of success!

CNHS Graduates Say

The CNHS course is a comprehensive blueprint for any Realtor desiring to enter the new home sales business. ...I consider the fee for this course to be one of the very best career investments I have made.Thank you for what must have been a monumental effort in creating this outstanding product for your real estate industry peers.

Randy E. Dunham
Coldwell Banker Residential
Gold River, CA

Oh my goodness...this course has been the MOST informative, exciting, and completely detailed course I've ever taken. I could hardly wait to get back to finish the course and I am planning to do it again, it was that good.

Anne Nail Bowen
Prudential Lifestyle Realty
Asheville, NC

Exceptional. Goes way beyond my expectations. Resale agents should take this course. Dialogues and closing, objections, etc. are fantastic. I've been in the business 29 years and wish I had this info & knowledge from Day 1!

Dennis R. Register
William E. Wood & Associates
Chesapeake, VA

I am a builder as well as a real estate agent and I can’t even begin to explain how much this has helped me and my future! I truly mean that! Thank You!

Jeannie Helseth
Coldwell Banker Currier & Lazier
Warwick, NY

I felt it was extremely interesting, informative and inspiring. In my 6 years as a REALTOR, it's the best class I've taken. I'm 65 years old - have never, ever felt a regret about aging until now. After completing this class, I now wish I had more years to learn and grow!

Marilyn Carter Lees
Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Associates
Lewiston, ID

I too grew up in a building family and have over 20 years experience in the field, and I was amazed at how much I didn't know. I found that the Certified New Home Specialist training program was just the right adjustment to get me back to plumb and square - that's on the level - the next level of my career. I really enjoyed the program and plan to put it to use immediately.

Edwin Kalinka
Coldwell Banker
Madison, NJ

This course is a must! These are the skills and strategies I used to sell 83 new homes last year.

Leon Johnson
Realty First
Cincinnati, OH

This is my 30th year as a licensed REALTOR. I wish I'd had this knowledge 31 years ago.

Kathryn T. James
ERA Realty Link
Colorado Springs, CO

This is the best course I have taken in years — good forms, great ideas for marketing, construction knowledge, best workbook — Excellent.

Alta Patterson
Coldwell Banker Residential
Dallas, TX

This is a must have course, not only for brokers representing builders, but for any agent who sells new homes in their market. 

Rick Thompson
Coldwell Banker Willis-Smith
New Bern, NC

The best program I have taken — ever! I have built my own home, have sold countless other new homes and watched the building process in all of these situations, and still feel like I learned even more. If you stop learning, you stop growing. I am very impressed with this program. Thank you.

Francina Boler
Century 21 Heartland Realty
Overland, KS