QWhat is the presentation format of the training?
AThe CNHS and RCC courses are presented in a convenient online self-study format that has been enjoyed by many thousands of students. Combining audio, video and over 1600 graphics and photos, this program takes your training experience far beyond what can be done in the typical classroom setting. As you work through the training modules, you are taking notes in the companion training worksheets that you download prior to beginning each course. 
QHow long do I have access to the training?
AWhile we encourage you to complete your training as soon as possible, you have a full two years access to both courses. After completion, you'll find having the ability to return to the course materials, step-by-step action plans and construction details will be tremendously beneficial. If you would like to extend your access, we offer a discount upgrade price for this purpose.
QDo you charge annual renewal fees?
AThere are no annual renewal fees to maintain your CNHS and RCC designations . Once you've completed your training and passed the online tests successfully, you are given access to logos, sample press releases and use of the designations in all of your marketing.
QWhat is your refund policy?
AYour enrollment is Risk Free with our 90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! You have a full 90 days to enjoy the course materials, and if for any reason, you are not thrilled with the information and strategies provided, and do not feel this will contribute to your real estate success, we will refund the full amount of your registration.
QWill the training work in all popular web browsers?
AYes. Our courses are authored in both Flash and HTML5 and automatically adapt to your device and operating system. You'll find our interface is compatible with most computers, tablets and smart phones.


QHow long does the training take?
AAlthough everyone works through at their own pace and convenience, the CNHS course includes approximately 12 hours of content and the RCC includes approximately 10 hours.
QHow do I earn my designations?
AWhen finished with the training, you then complete the open-book, online tests -- one for CNHS and one for RCC. The correct test answers will be found in the notes you have taken in your CNHS and RCC worksheets. A score of 80% or better is required for both certifications. Please keep in mind that although you can complete the courses in any order you like, you must pass the RCC test before you will be given access to the CNHS test.
QHow do I access the training?
AAt registration, you choose your user name and password. When ready to move forward, simply visit sellnewhomes.com, navigate to the top right of the menu and click CNHS/RCC Login. Enter your user name and password, then choose your course from the menu at the left., which will take you to the training start page. Here you'll download your worksheets and access each of the course modules. Please don't hesitate to call us if you need any assistance.
QHow do I access  CNHS ToolBox™ and Presentation Builder™?
AIf you have purchased these as part of CNHS/RCC Sales Suite B, or as an add-on to your account later, simply follow the instructions above for access to the training, and choose them from the menu at the left. For more information, please visit CNHS Presentation Builder™ and CNHS ToolBox™.
QWhat if I have additional questions following the training?
AMost graduates are surprised to find how effectively the courses provide the information, resources, and strategies you need to support your business. Your long-term success is important to us, so if you have questions following your completion of the training, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll do our best to help you!