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CNHS/RCC Training Brings You Greater Success

Learn the Secrets to MORE Leads, MORE Listings, MORE Buyers and MORE CLOSED TRANSACTIONS





Residential Construction Certified New Home Sales and Resale Designation Training

Real Estate's Most Comprehensive Residential Construction Training

Real estate's most popular and respected construction training gives you the product knowledge you need as a true Residential Real Estate Professional.


  • You'll learn about construction materials, methods, terminology, systems and design — information you can use to set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Communicate more confidently and professionally with buyers, sellers, appraisers, inspectors, designers, lenders, engineers and construction professionals.
  • Use your expertise to help your customers make their best decisions — and assure both customer satisfaction and referral recommendations.
  • Offers the convenience of self-paced study and provides a valuable reference you can use again and again. Your RCC™ certification worksheets, filled with your notes from the course, becomes a valuable resource that many students describe as an “encyclopedia of residential construction information”.
  • Combining audio, video and hundreds of graphics & onsite construction photos, this program takes your training experience far beyond what can be done in the typical classroom setting.

RCC Course Topics





Real Estate's Most Powerful Training for New Home Sales Success

Learn secrets to more leads, listings and closed transactions -- and building a pipeline of business for long-term success.


  • You'll learn to recognize great opportunities in Working with Builders, 
    Developers, Investors and New Home Buyers
  • Learn step-by-step how to demonstrate your value and sell your services to builders, developers and new home buyers
  • Learn powerful trends and strategies for success in all areas of New Home Sales
  • Recognize the keys to growing your business and earning great commissions as a New Home Buyer Specialist
  • Learn Strategies for Packaging Infill Development Projects and Creating New Listing Inventory
  • Learn Extensive Step-by-Step Sales and Closing Skills, Contracts, Customer Service, Trends and Strategies, Leveraging New Home Sales to Drive More Resales, and Much More
  • Offers the convenience of self-paced study and provides a valuable reference you can use again and again. 


CNHS Course Topics




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What our CNHS/RCC Graduates Say

  • This program clearly separates the New Home Sales "Pro's" from the "Amateurs". Dennis does a great job of teaching everything you need to know for success in new homes. Thank you for training that literally helped me change my life!

    K.C. Chermak 
    Wayzetta, MN

  • Most informative and well organized program that I have ever attended. I gained so much from this training … Dennis’s presentation is excellent, fast paced and presented in an informative and interesting way. I have not taken a program that keeps me excited. It was really great!

    Jim Patteron 
    Denver, CO

  • This program was excellent! There is so much information offered in this program that I have made it mandatory to any of my agents wanting to get involved with new homes. By taking this training … I know they’ll have the knowledge, confidence and professionalism I want as a positive reflection on my company. Thanks Dennis!

    Mario Polo 
    Tampa, FL

  • The best program I have taken — ever! I have built my own home, have sold countless other new homes and watched the building process in all of these situations, and still feel like I learned even more. If you stop learning, you stop growing. I am very impressed with this program. Thank you.

    Francina Boler 
    Overland, KS

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