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Certified New Home Specialist™ Marketing Tools Bring You Forms, Checklists, Presentations and Marketing Content to Enhance Your New Home Sales Success!


The Certified New Home Specialist™ Marketing Tools Include:

1. CNHS ToolBox™

Forms, checklists, action plans & marketing strategies for success in all areas of new home sales. Easily customize twenty-seven CNHS™ forms & checklists designed to help you get organized and work more successfully with builders and buyers. These forms, included in PDF and Microsoft Word® formats, can be easily filled out digitally, customized or adapted to create additonal forms as you may desire.

2. CNHS PresentationBuilder™ 

CNHS Presentation Builder™ brings you the easiest and most effective multimedia presentation package ever developed for selling your professional services to builders and new home buyers. Developed by national new home sales expert Dennis Walsh, this series of slides integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint® to bring the Certified New Home Specialist™ concepts to life through professionally designed presentations that demonstrate your expertise and move you ahead of the competition.

3. Content to Support Your Marketing — Both Online and Off

CNHS PresentationBuilder™ features messaging to builders, developers, investors and new home buyers. Bullet points and associated scripts can easily be adapted to promote your expertise on your website, social media and other forms of marketing to most effectively position yourself as a Certified New Home Specialist™


CNHS Marketing Tools LogoCNHS ToolBox™ Forms:

  • 1Pre-Construction Planning Checklist
  • 2Building Site Evaluation Checklist
  • 3Design Information Organizer
  • 4Construction Specifications Checklist
  • 5Construction Scheduling Flowchart
  • 6Construction Scheduling Flowchart Filled
  • 7Selection Scheduling Flow Chart
  • 8Prospect Registration Form
  • 9Registered Builder Agreement
  • 10Location Reference Sheet
  • 11Builder Evaluation Summary
  • 12Detailed Builder Profile
  • 13Builder Marketing Profile
  • 14Prospect Profile Summary
  • 15Prospect Follow-Up Summary
  • 16Community Evaluation Form
  • 17Demonstration Organizer
  • 18Demonstration Checklist
  • 19Brick & Stone Selection Form
  • 20Roofing Selection Form
  • 21Siding & Gutters Selection Form
  • 22Cabinet & Countertop Selection Form
  • 23Appliance Selection Form
  • 24Flooring Selection Form
  • 25Lighting Fixtures Selection Form
  • 26Sales & Marketing Preparation Planner
  • 27Sales & Marketing Preparation Flow Chart
  • 28Sample Press Release


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CNHS PresentationBuilder™
Brings Your Message to Life

The fully customizable presentations are included in four different series of slides – simply choose the look and style you like the best. Using the features of Microsoft PowerPoint®, you easily add, edit, delete and arrange slides to best suit your presentation needs. Customize slides to include your own content, including photos, audio, video, and more to most powerfully share your message — or simply select a presentation, add your contact information, and get to work selling yourself and your services.

Suggested uses include:

  • Easily assemble customized one-on-one presentations for your clients and prospects
  • Create presentations to support New Home Buyer Seminars, Builder presentations and more
  • Create auto play slideshows to feature on your website or a monitor at a home show or other event
  • Save presentations in PDF format to email or print for handouts or other uses
  • Integrate slides and messaging into your website or other digital marketing

Certified New Home Specialist™ brings you powerful concepts for success in all areas of your real estate business. Microsoft PowerPoint® brings you the power of multimedia. Together they offer you a great way to take your business to the next level of success!


Buyer-Directed Slides:

  • Building Your Dream Home
  • Certified New Home Specialist™ Sales Philosophy
  • Support of a Certified New Home Specialist™
  • New Home Buyers Decisions
  • CNHS™ Organizational Forms and Checklists
  • Advice During the Planning Process
  • The Elements of Quality in Your New Home
  • The Best Design for Your New Home Integrates:
  • Organize Your Design Information
  • Advice During the Design Process
  • Construction is a Dynamic and Difficult Process
  • Advice During the Construction Process
  • The New Home Orientation

Builder-Directed Slides:

  • Sales & Marketing Subcontractor
  • Evolution in the Marketing of New Homes
  • Trends in New Home Sales
  • CNHS Critical Path to New Home Sales Success
  • Marketing Services
  • Sales Services
  • Components of Market Research
  • Primary Sources of New Home Prospects
  • Development of Marketing Strategies
  • Importance of Cooperative Broker Involvement
  • Keys to a Successful Cooperative Broker Program
  • Advantages of Providing Great Customer Service
  • And more ...

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