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We're Honored to Recieve These Wonderful Reviews from our Graduates!

This program clearly separates the New Home Sales "Pro's" from the "Amateurs". Dennis does a great job of teaching everything you need to know for success in new homes. It's like an encyclopedia of information at my fingertips. Thanks for training that literally helped me change my life!

K.C. Chermak, REALTOR, Builder, Pillar Homes, Wayzata, MN

I LISTED OVER $35 MILLION IN NEW HOME SALES IN LESS THAN FIVE MONTHS! ...And I owe it all to Dennis Walsh and this training. His new home sales systems and creative new home marketing ideas are wonderful. I almost didn’t take time for the training because I thought I was too busy ...that would have been the biggest mistake of my career! ...YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS DENNIS!

Vickie Keene, Louisville, KY

I'd like to thank Dennis … taking his training changed my outlook and my career! With the new homes opportunities we have in our market, this training gave me an edge to differentiate myself. It gave me the knowledge, strategies, organizational systems and most importantly the confidence to enjoy tremendous success working with builders and new home buyers. While most home owners can wait to sell, builders have to keep building and selling … so I'm not limiting myself on resales alone. By becoming a Certified New Home Specialist, I've prepared myself to sell old or new … and so should you!

Emerick Peace, Broker Owner, Upper Marlboro, MD

I too grew up in a building family and have over 20 years of experience in the field, and I was amazed at how much I didn't know. I found that the Certified New Home Specialist training program was just the right adjustment to get me back to plumb and square - that's on the level - the next level of my career. I really enjoyed the program and plan to put it to use immediately.

Edwin Kalinka, Madison, NJ

The best program I have taken — ever! I have built my own home, have sold countless other new homes and watched the building process in all of these situations, and still feel like I learned even more. If you stop learning, you stop growing. I am very impressed with this program. Thank you.

Francina Boler, Overland, KS

Oh my goodness...this course has been the MOST informative, exciting, and completely detailed course I've ever taken. I could hardly wait to get back to finish the course and I am planning to do it again, it was that good.

Anne Nail Bowen, Asheville, NC

This training was very beneficial! I learned a lot about how to market my services to a builder, how to approach builders and articulate how I can help him/her reach their goals, and how to work better with buyers to sell more homes. I would recommend this training to anyone looking to increase the knowledge of new homes!

Kevin Wester, Fayetteville, NC

I feel confident that with this valuable training and my commitment to follow through I will be able to achieve the goals that I have set forward. I feel like all the dots have been connected and my confidence/knowledge is now through the roof!! I am so excited.. The material and presentation (modules) were organized and easy to follow and understand. Thank you!

Nancy Munoz, Wellington, FL

Exceptional. Goes way beyond my expectations. Resale agents should take this course. Dialogues and closing, objections, etc. are fantastic. I've been in the business 29 years and wish I had this info & knowledge from Day 1!

Dennis R. Register, Chesapeake, VA

This program came at an opportune time since my focus was pursuing and increasing our new homes sales activities. After meeting Dennis at the ERA Convention, I was convinced that the training would be excellent … after attending the actual two day live program it was even better than I anticipated. It gave my associates the confidence to be more pro active in the new homes market place. Thanks Dennis...we could not have done it without you!

Randall Beaver, Ft Myers, FL

I absolutely loved this program! I work with a builder now and feel that I gained a lot of really practical and usable information. Not only did I enjoy the course which I found to be more challenging than I anticipated, but it was presented in a fabulously professional format. It was a great way to learn … I felt I was in class right in my own office. Needless to say, Dennis is a great teacher! The course was well worth the money spent.

Beth Colaizy, Osceola, WI

Most informative and well organized program that I have ever attended. I gained so much from this training as well as from the CD’s. I will continue to use the CD’s as a reference. Dennis’s presentation is excellent, fast paced and presented in an informative and interesting way. I have not taken a program that keeps me excited. It was really great!

Carol Regina Chirik, Newtown, PA

It was a very beneficial program. It will certainly take my career to another level. Thank you very much. Dennis hit so many hot buttons that are factual that it felt like he was talking specifically to me. I am in new home sales and boy did he ever analyze my situation. Thanks again for the help and the wisdom that you shared.

Faith Reid, Atanta, GA

I learned a tremendous amount of knowledge on construction and builders responsibilities. Great program, all realtors should take this course!

Dan Parker, Dillon, CO

This is the most dynamic, exciting, and thought provoking seminar I have ever attended. This is an experience that I would want to repeat!

Sandra McKelvie, FL

I loved it! I have gathered dozens of new and exciting marketing ideas and I’m looking forward to putting this course to good use and significantly increasing my productivity. Thanks!

Linda Vernier, Sedona, AZ

This is the most informative program I have ever taken. Dennis is great! Very funny! Dynamic! By participating in this program I know I will sell more homes!

Betty Stevens, Ft. Meyers, FL

Thanks to this certification I feel I have more leverage over competitors, and I will use that leverage to my full advantage. Thank you.

Konni Snyder, Grand Praire, TX

I believe in 13 years of real estate this course has been the most informative and it has certainly increased my knowledge of not only the building process but marketing my product. Keep up the good work!

Patricia O’Donnell, Haverford, PA

I have been selling new homes for 20 years. I have found this information to be very comprehensive, organized and extremely useful to be more effective with my buyers and builders. Thank you for taking the time to put this program together to improve our ability and to improve realtor services.

Robert Budnik, Bethel, CT

Definitely the best! It’s a comprehensive look at a difficult subject with a game plan to achieve success!

Richard York, Charlotte, NC

This is a very thorough program that includes many helpful tools to help develop a personal marketing plan. The personal stories shared were not only entertaining, but very practical and relevant which helped to demonstrate and remember the point. I'm looking forward to using the resources provided.

Beverly Baker, Tulsa, OK

I enjoyed the program very much. And the fact that I could take it at my own pace was the real selling point to me. Thank You!

Randall Hokenson, Bismark, ND

And just seven short months later!! I FINALLY landed my dream position as a New Home Specialist! Thank you for your class! I was able to use the information learned during my interviews. I have absolutely no experience and I believed this course helped me a ton!!!!! I recommend your New Home Specialist course 1000%! I start Monday at Century Complete Homes!

Randall Hokenson, Bismark, ND

This training definitely will give you a competitive edge when assisting your prospective clients with the sometime difficult decision of fulfilling their life long dream of NEW home ownership. I will continue to train on these very valuable ideas to even better prepare for what I think will be a big part of our not too distant Real Estate futures. I recommend everyone take the leap and acquire this training.

Tawana Broughton, Atlanta, GA

The CNHS course is a comprehensive blueprint for any Realtor desiring to enter the new home sales business. ...I consider the fee for this course to be one of the very best career investments I have made. Thank you for what must have been a monumental effort in creating this outstanding product for your real estate industry peers.

Randy E. Dunham, Gold River, CA

Most informative and well organized program that I have ever attended. I gained so much from this training … Dennis’s presentation is excellent, fast paced and presented in an informative and interesting way. I have not taken a program that keeps me excited. It was really great!

Jim Patteron, Denver, CO

Exceptional training course. I look forward to applying the techniques I learned throughout my real estate career. This training is a great investment for new and seasoned real estate agents. In this highly competitive market taking this course will be to your advantage. Register today!!

BaShana Mornai Ferrell, Charleston, SC

The Certified New Home Specialist program has greatly impacted my success and business overall in achieving my sales goals. This past February I won the National Association of Home Builders Sales Person of the Year Award. Every bit of information from the training has helped. It’s so important to continually keep yourself educated -- education is key overall! I have impressed many coworkers and customers with my knowledge - just understanding construction terminology has helped me dramatically. This is an excellent time for new home sales - the market is ideal!

Khadeejah Johnson, Huntingdon Valley, PA

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The training was very well organized and explained with great detail. Teresa Walsh went above and beyond when I had technical difficulty getting the link to the test. Overall, this was a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend it to all my colleagues.

Shae Hale, Buford, GA

I have been in the home construction/remodeling field for over 40 years and I found many things that I did not know. I acted as my own contractor in 1987 while building my present home. I had a commercial contractor helping me, what I learned would have been incredibly helpful to make my home more energy green. Great course!

Barbara S. Reeves, Daphne, AL

I am a builder as well as a real estate agent and I can’t even begin to explain how much this has helped me and my future! I truly mean that! Thank you

Jeannie Helseth, Warwick, NY

This program was excellent! There is so much information offered in this program that I have made it mandatory to any of my agents wanting to get involved with new homes. By taking this training … I know they’ll have the knowledge, confidence and professionalism I want as a positive reflection on my company. Thanks Dennis!

Mario Polo, Broker/Owner, Tampa, FL

This program is well thought out and put together great. I can honestly say this is the best course I’ve ever taken! Thank you!

Terri Jones, Burlington, NC

As a professional Realtor, you owe it to yourself and clients to have an understanding and knowledge regarding the "nuts and bolts" of home construction whether it is in new construction or the resale market. This course will provide you with essential information that you can use on a daily basis.

Justus Smith, Regina, SK

I took the Certified New Home Specialist™ Training Program with Dennis Walsh because new home sales is an area I would like to grow into since our company does so much in new homes. After taking this program I realize what a huge role I can play in the new homes process with builders and buyers more than I ever realized. The very next day after completing this program, I applied what I learned with a builder I’m working with and it felt really good to have the knowledge to share a different perspective with him that before I would not have even considered.

Carol Young, Greensboro, NC

I am very impressed with everything about this program … the pictures that are in it, the progression of subject matters and the explanations. Of course one of the greatest things about the delivery of this type of training is that each student can go through as quickly or repeat whatever they need to repeat … it’s just a fantastic program!

Ann Hruby, Baltimore, MD

I was very impressed with this program. It was well organized and never boring. I enjoyed the “Dennis Walsh style” … easy going, non-threatening, down to earth, humorous and very believable. Thank you for this opportunity.

Dale Vaughn, Camp Hill, PA

I just want to take a few minutes to thank you for the information contained in this certification program. After selling existing real estate for a number of years, I have been working with a team of agents selling only new construction for about a year. What fun this is becoming (and will be even more so) being comfortable answering buyer’s questions a little more intelligently than before. The sample forms and follow up suggestions have also been a great help. Had I known how much I would benefit from this and enjoy the information, I would had availed myself of this long ago. I use some portion of it everyday. Thanks again.

Debbie Ernst, Louisville, KY

I want to recommend Dennis Walsh and the Certified New Home Specialist™ Training Program to any agent who wishes to enter the new home sales market. Dennis does a wonderful job of keeping things moving and THE EDUCATION IS JUST THE BEST! The program has been well thought out, well prepared and is presented in an excellent and professional manner. I feel my money was well spent for this education. Although I am in the management side now, I wanted to take the course to stay up with what is going on and I will recommend this program to all the agents. I feel this will help agents to be a step above the competition. The experienced agents could benefit from this program as well. Thanks again Dennis and Teresa!

Tommy Cole, Charlotte, NC

This program was very comprehensive. I enjoyed it greatly. This is one of the first construction programs I have taken that was actually taught in a real world way by someone who truly understands and has been in the industry. The locals here trying to teach new construction classes better keep their day jobs. Yours is a real hands on program.

Scott Reinert, St Cloud, MN

Excellent, exceptionally comprehensive! You sure covered all the bases. I feel much more confident approaching builders and working with buyers who want to build. Thanks for all the great systems and forms.

Dee Weiss, N. Myrtle Beach, SC

Very, very informative … and a tool I plan to use throughout my career. Thank you, Dennis, for making these hours on the computer an absolute pleasure.

Laura McLeod-Pudlak, Union, NJ

As a member of the builders marketing services department, I think I will refer again and again to the workbook, particularly for construction related issues and questions I may have.

Natalie English, Devon, PA

I would take this course again or recommend it to anyone in all related fields. Very professional and organized! Thank you.

Allison Quinn, West Chester, PA

Lots of great information … marketing advice was very good. I loved the printed forms, they gave me more confidence in speaking with my builder.

Darliss Huss, Rochester, MN

I really appreciate the passion, seasoned wisdom and detail-oriented narration of this program. I feel like an apprentice being mentored by an expert. Perfect! A+++++

Kimberlie Quick Farrar, Tulsa, OK

As a twelve year veteran of new home sales, I found this program as a renewal of my experience, refreshing of the skills I have and didn’t realize I had. Also, I learned many new things and I’m very excited to implement immediately with my sales team. I loved having this program to study at my leisure. Great program! Will definitely recommend.

Kim Nolan, Port Tabacoo, MD

Absolutely. This was probably the most useful and informative class I have ever taken!!

Cindy Frydrychowski, Greenwood Village, CO

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