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Residential Remodeling Specialist™ Marketing Tools Bring You Forms, Checklists, Presentations and Marketing Content to Enhance Your Real Estate Success!


The Residential Remodeling Specialist™ Marketing Tools Include:

1. RRS ToolBox™

Customizable forms and checklists to support your work as a Residential Remodeling Specialist™. The RRS ToolBox™ includes twenty pages of forms help you demonstrate your professionalism , get organized, and share with your clients. These forms, included in PDF and Microsoft Word formats, can be easily filled out digitally, customized or adapted to create additonal forms as you may desire.

2. RRS PresentationBuilder™ 

RRS Presentation Builder™ brings you the easiest and most effective multimedia presentation package ever developed for selling your services as a Residential Remodeling Specialist . Slides are also included to educate your clients and share valuable guidance as they plan and undergo home improvement activities of all types. 

3. Content to Support Your Marketing — Both Online and Off

RRS PresentationBuilder™ features content that can be used in working with homeowners, buyers, sellers, investors and more. Bullet points can easily be adapted to promote your expertise on your website, social media and other forms of marketing to most effectively position yourself as a Residential Remodeling Specialist™

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RRS PresentationBuilder™
Brings Your Message to Life

The fully customizable presentations are included in four different series of slides – simply choose the look and style you like the best. Using the features of Microsoft PowerPoint®, you easily add, edit, delete and arrange slides to best suit your presentation needs. Customize slides to include your own content, including photos, audio, video, and more to most powerfully share your message — or simply select a presentation, add your contact information, and get to work selling yourself and your services.

Suggested uses include:

  • Easily assemble customized one-on-one presentations for your clients and prospects
  • Create presentations to support Home Improvement Seminars
  • Create auto play slideshows feature on your website or a monitor at a home show or other event
  • Save presentations in PDF format to email or print for handouts or other uses
  • Integrate slides and messaging into your website or other digital marketing

Residential Remodeling Specialist™ brings you powerful concepts for success in all areas of your real estate business. Microsoft PowerPoint® brings you the power of multimedia. Together they offer you a great way to take your business to the next level of success!


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Choose Slides to Help You Educate Your Clients

— and Demonstrate Your Expertise!

  • Helping You as a Residential Remodeling Specialist™
  • The Remodeling Value Analysis™ (RVA)
  • The RRS™ Value Axiom
  • Maximizing Your Home’s Resale Value
  • The RVA and Your Investment Goals
  • Planning Your Home Remodeling
  • What Kind of Contractor Do You Need?
  • Financial Options for Remodeling
  • Fixed Price vs Cost Plus

  • Locating Qualified Contractors
  • Compiling Preliminary Cost Estimates
  • Should You Manage the Project Yourself?
  • Comparing Renovation Loan Options
  • Preparing for Your Pre-Bid Contractor Meeting
  • Surviving Your Remodeling Project
  • Surviving the Construction Zone
  • Surviving With Contractors
  • Let’s Get Your Project Started!

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