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Interest in ADUs as a Housing Solution Continues to Grow (From

Interest in ADUs as a Housing Solution Continues to Grow (From

The multigenerational living trend accelerated during the pandemic as more adults sought out a way to keep their aging loved ones close and safe. For those who cannot afford or are unable to find a home fit for different generations, accessory dwelling units are becoming a popular solution. According to The New York Times, urban planners and policy makers have looked at ADUs as a solution to the housing crisis, especially for the senior population. Just last month, California enacted new regulations that make the construction of ADUs more affordable. The units have grown in popularity especially in Pacific Northwest cities such as Seattle and Portland.

Portland is home to one of the dwelling movement’s most outspoken proponents, Kol Peterson, an architect and the author of “Backdoor Revolution: The Definitive Guide to A.D.U. Development.”

Mr. Peterson has pushed for making zoning laws friendlier to accessory dwellings and for educating homeowners about their advantages. Now, he said, the units are more desirable than ever.

“With the coronavirus, it’s become increasingly evident that A.D.U.s can provide a critical flexibility on your property,” Mr. Peterson said. “It can fill a number of roles that you may never have needed before, like providing a place for your aging parent to live instead of a nursing home, or for your boomerang kid to come back to when they’ve lost their job, or for you to work remotely.”

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